Our Simple Fall Decor

Posted by Lisa on September 25th, 2012

Hey everybody!  Hope you’re enjoying the cool Fall weather we’ve been having recently.  It really puts me in the mood to decorate for Fall and buy more pumpkins!… and apple cider donuts!!  This year we’re keeping our home’s fall themed decor simple by reusing some of the decorations we had up last year and adding a couple small yet festive new ones.

Our front door is finally finished.  John just painted the sidelights to match the front door.  If you recall, they were still somewhat blue-er than the gray door.  The door was originally this gray color, but we attempted to paint the sidelights and the door a year ago and didn’t get the color right.  Here’s the before, with the door painted the right gray color but the wrong sidelight color…

Here’s the door now, complete with a very cool blue pumpkin…  If you don’t notice the color difference in the sidelights from the before and after, it’s okay, it’s pretty subtle.

We also picked up some burnt orangey mums.

On the inside of the house, we added a burlap wreath.  We made the wreath ourselves from some basic craft supplies.

Our mantel looks nearly identical from last year, with the pumpkin banner and all my little pumpkins I’ve been picking up.




I also like to add some fall theme ribbon to my normal home decor to dress it up a little.  See those orange ribbons around the candles?  There are more than a few of those around here.

Like on my fleur de lis candles…

and our dining room lights…ribbons-on-lights



We also have a couple simple items for our kitchen table.mirror-wreath


That’s what’s in our home at the moment.  I’ll admit it, I had these decorations ready to go the day after Labor Day!    I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more pumpkins here and there!  Fall is the best!  We’re looking forward to visiting a pumpkin patch with the baby soon!

Enjoy your decorating!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s decor.

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Front Door Improvements

Posted by John on August 22nd, 2012

You could say this past weekend was somewhat productive. In addition to finally knocking out our dining room wainscoting, we did a couple other projects around the house that have been nagging us. One little improvement that Lisa and I are quite fond of is the front door. We spruced it up a little. Sometime last fall, we attempted to paint the side lights to our entrance door. The only problem was we didn’t have any paint left over from the builder, so we tried asking a local paint shop to match the paint based on their records. How did it go? Well, meh, just okay. The color was nice, but it was way off from the original. Didn’t match the shutters at all. We knew we were going to take another whack at this.

To get the color right this time around, I popped off one of the shutters from the front windows and took it to Sherwin Williams for them to match it with a laser tool or something. Whatever it is it works great.

The tricky part about painting the outside part of the front door is keeping it open for four hours. To keep every house fly in New Jersey from stopping by, we taped a table cloth from the dollar store over the opening. Worked well, although we opened a couple windows nearby to keep the air balanced.


After the paint dried, we dressed up the door with new hardware including a new door knob set, a kick plate and a knocker. To help line up the kick plate with the door, we used painter’s tape and marked all our holes.

Notice that Lisa captured my thinning hair. She pretty much does that on purpose in nearly every photo for fun. I usually end up tossing them all and using different ones. This is why I need to turn and smile into the camera next time.

Using a cordless drill to install the kick plate makes it a lot easier.

Here’s our finished product. We’re big fans of the additional gear on the door. We still have yet to paint the side lights. They are on our radar though. The reason we didn’t paint them was because we were busy with some other fun indoor projects that we’ll share with you soon!

Got any door upgrades planned?

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Lisa’s House To Do List

Posted by Lisa on May 10th, 2012

I had some free time so I thought I would share some of my projects I would like to see done around the casa (de Walsh) – any other 90210 fans out there!?

I love the raised paneling we are completing in the dining room, if it wasn’t so time consuming (the planning of the boxes and execution) I would do it in the foyer, stairs, and upstairs hallway. Check out my Pinterest board to see some raised paneling I like.

I also would like to paint our second full bath. It’s decorated and I love it in there, and paint would really complete it! (hmmm I am thinking another post maybe?)

Speaking of paint, I want to paint our master bed and bath. Something neutral, of course! I saw a great Sherwin Williams color, but I can’t remember the name. I’ll get back to you on that. Also, there is a great site here that we check out regularly for paint and decorating ideas. Funny story actually, we picked our color from that website for our downstairs. When we told the paint guy the name he told us it had changed to another color name and gave us that sample. When I went back to purchase the entire paint for the downstairs, I found out that the original color was available, but I went with the second color instead because I loved it so much!

Another dream of mine would be hardwood floors upstairs. Who knows if this dream will ever become a reality.. I just can’t see us having to close off the second floor for a few days to get this project done.

I also want to finish installing ceiling fans in two of the bedrooms. I can’t even go in them at night because we have no lights! I wanted all the fans upstairs to match – is that weird? This is what they look like

Pretty basic fan. We purchased them at Lowe’s.

I also have major plans for our front door and mailbox. For the front door I was thinking something similar to this…

20120429-203841.jpg from this blog

I love the numbers, kick plate, and knocker. I have most of the hardware, but I haven’t decided on a knocker yet. I can’t decide if I want a plain one or a personalized one. Truth be told, I haven’t even started looking yet.  I really like this one from Baldwin.

and while I’m at it, add a few more accessories….

I also want to do some landscaping and decorating of the mailbox. As it stands we don’t even have numbers on our mailbox! I am hoping to work on that one day when the weather is nice.  This looks good:

via greengardenista.

So that’s my to-do list for at least a little while.  What’s on your to-do list?

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Swing and a Miss

Posted by John on October 18th, 2011

This was supposed to be a victory post.  I was going to write about how we repainted our front entry door and how awesome it came out.  Didn’t happen.  Instead, this is a mistake/lesson learned post.

The background:

Lisa had noticed that some people in the blogosphere had been painting the sidelight frames to match their entry door.  Generally, if left alone, they are the same semi-gloss white as the exterior trim.  I think the idea to paint them is that it enhances the look of the door and makes it look more full.  Lisa made the executive decision to try it and so we set out to accomplish this fairly simple task.

On top of the sidelight paint, we needed to do some touching up of our front door.  Last winter, a certain door wreath, which will remain nameless, was responsible for some scratches to the door paint.

Here’s the front door before the paint.

Here’s the door scratches

The problem with this project starts with the paint.  We looked through our build spec and were able to identify the paint as “Carolina Slate.”  OK great.  Now to find the manufacturer.  The build spec didn’t say anything about who makes the paint.  So, after calling around, we ended up at Sherwin Williams.  Apparently, our home builder gets most of their paints from SW.  The salesman at SW told me that the color would be close, but not dead-on and advised me against using it as a touch-up paint.  I’m OK with that, although it meant painting the entire door and not just the scratch marks.  This is pretty standard practice when it comes to mixing paint.  Not worried at this point.

 The Execution

After buying a quart and taping up our door, we’re ready to go.

Thoughts as the first coat dried… it’s too blue. Waaaaaayyyy too blue. It not only doesn’t match, it really doesn’t match.  We decided to finish the job and then do some thinking.  To make matters worse, I put the second coat on the door around 6pm and it never dried.  The next morning the paint was still wet in a couple areas and had started to run from the morning dew.  After wiping it down with a couple paper towels, this door project had officially snow balled into a disaster.

Here’s the after

We really like the effect the painted sidelights add to the house. We’re not in love with the paint color. At this point, we’re thinking about popping off one of those shutters and taking them to Sherwin Williams for paint matching if that’s even possible. We may have to wait for a nice warm day now to paint it. Not interested in waiting on this until spring!!

It’s a nice color, but I miss the grey.

Any suggestions for finding the right “Carolina Slate”?  Anyone else have any “I don’t love this paint color” stories?

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