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The Workbench

I've built a few workbenches over the years and this one is my favorite so far. It's constructed from 2x4s to give it weight and pocket screws for ease of assembly. I've covered mine with a melamine top for a smooth work surface.

The workbench features caster wheels to make moving it around the shop a breeze. You can also incorporate a Kreg Track for all of your cabinet projects.

The Table Saw Station

Cutting large sheets of plywood or long hardwood boards can be a challenge on smaller table saws. I built this table saw station to allow hobby and contractor grade table saws to feel like bigger saws.

These plans feature a calculator to adjust the plans to your unique saw dimensions. You'll need to find a professional fence system like this one to make this project complete.

The Miter Saw Stand

This miter saw stand has been a helpful addition to my workshop. It's at a comfortable height and features a built-in measuring tape system. It's on wheels so it can be easily relocated.

These plans include a calculator that will adjust the plans and parts list to accomodate your specific miter saw.

Feel free to add your own storage solution like shelves to the bottom of this stand.

The Router Table

Most router tables you can buy are either total garbage or way too expensive. Build this simple table using plywood and a melamine top. Add some Kreg hardware to make it fully functional.

I made this router table the same finished height as my workbench so I can use the workbench as an outfeed table.

The Large Built-In

Want to pay a couple thousand dollars for a plain, white cabinet and bookcase?

Me neither.

This is the first cabinet we built in our current home. It's got plenty of storage below for the kids' toys and a large upper shelf section for displaying whatever you want.

This cabinet only cost a couple hundred dollars worth of material and was fairly simple to build. Feel free to skip the back section to make it lighter. It's a pretty big, pretty heavy piece otherwise.

Home Office Built-Ins

Instead of spending $3000 for a home office from a furniture store, you can build a pair of these cabinets for just a few hundred dollars in lumber.

These built-ins can transform your office from a plain, boring room to an inspired work space.

I added a beaded face frame to our cabinets, but you can skip that feature if you're not up to that challenge.

Be sure to watch the video that shows how I built these cabinets too.

Custom Media Stand

If you need a simple TV stand for your home, this easy to build cabinet is a great choice.

You can customize the size of the center section to accomodate whatever electronics you own.

It looks a lot like a TV stand you'd get from Ikea or Pottery Barn, but it's stronger, made from better materials and cost a lot less to build it than to buy one.

Raised Panel Wainscoting Calculator

This raised panel wainscoting will give any room a more formal, classic appearance. We added it to our dining room and it immediately improved the whole feel of the space.

It's not hard add to your home. Planning the layout and getting the dimensions is the hardest part of the process. To make it easier, I've developed a calculator you can use.

Be sure to watch the video where I explain how to use the calculator.

Shoe Rack

There's five of us. We have shoes all over the garage. To tidy things up, we built a simple shoe rack. This rack is narrow and doesn't take up much space.

The best part of this project is it only needs a couple boards of wood. Feel free to paint or stain it to match your taste. It would also work well in a closet.

Kitchen Cabinet Pull-Out Drawers

If there's one update to our home that's been super helpful it's these pull-out drawers. They're super simple to build and immediately make your cabinets much more user friendly.

The only challenge with these drawers is finding the best drawer runner for your cabinets. I recommend you use the same drawer runners that are on your existing cabinets.

Cabinet Door Calculator

One of the best ways to update the cabinets in your home is to replace the doors. Building your own cabinet doors isn't all that challenging, but getting the dimensions right can be tricky.

This MS Excel calculator will help you dimension and build your own cabinet doors so you can get on with building them.

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After I remodeled my first kitchen, I took away plenty of lessons learned from that experience that I wish I had known before I started. This book draws on that experience and will guide you through planning and executing your kitchen renovation so you can save money and get the kitchen you want.

Initially, I was selling this book for $17 with add-ons totaling just under $50, but I've decided to make the pdf version available for free to my subscribers.

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