Our Hemnes Toddler Bedroom

Posted by John on February 4th, 2013

Hey there cats and kittens (bonus points if you know who says that phrase every week)!!  Hope everyone got enough sleep after that thrilling Super Bowl.  Wow.  We had a pretty busy weekend, but still managed to knock off a few minor projects off our to-do list.  Saturday we had a family party for our daughter’s 2nd birthday.  We’ll be sharing some pictures later this week.  More importantly though, I thought we should bring you up to speed on the whole we’re having a second baby thing.

So, we’ve known since August that we were growing our family but we put off making an announcement on the blog.  We talked about taking a picture with Sherry and John from the signing, which of course we’d post, and we knew Lisa would be visibly pregnant.  So, we thought that would be a fun opportunity.  Since Christmas, the biggest home related decision we’ve had to make regarding the new baby is what we’re doing about the bedrooms.  Do we re-use the nursery and move our daughter into a new bedroom or do we make a new nursery?  You obviously know the answer to this one by now, but it took us a while to finally make that decision.  It’s not easy moving your first child out of their nursery.  They grow up so fast.

Anyway, that’s some background on our whole bedroom deal.  Our daughter helped by jumping out of her crib fairly early thus necessitating some action.

Since we already owned a couple white Hemnes pieces, we thought it might be easier to just pickup a matching twin bed and go from there.  We looked at toddler sized beds as well, but it seems like a better investment to just stick with the twin bed.

Here’s what her bedroom looks like now..

Keep in mind we still have to do a good deal more decorating.  Lisa has a laundry list of ideas that we’ll work through over the next few weeks.

hemnes toddler bedroomLisa’s parents picked up the comforter and cupcake sheets at Home Goods.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

hemnes toddler bedroom 3Lisa and her mom are also big Scotty fans.  They also grabbed this Scotty bookend at Home Goods.

scottish terrier bookendThe wall opposite the bed is completely blank.  We have a few ideas for the room as I mentioned, but nothing nailed down yet.  It’s a big wall.  We’ll see.

hemnes toddler bedroomAnyone else wish they had President’s Day celebrated today?


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Painting Our Toddler Bedroom

Posted by John on January 27th, 2013

Hey guys!  We finally finished painting our daughter’s new toddler bedroom this weekend and we’re very happy with the color we chose.  I’ve also started assembling some of the Hemnes Ikea furniture that she will probably use until college (yikes).  Looking good so far.  We’re planning on at least a few more posts on her bedroom, so I’m not going to show you everything today.

Here’s how the room looked before the paint..

white walls in bedroom 2

and here’s how it looks painted…

sherwin williams popular grey

one more time..

wall sticker of tree

and after…

sherwin williams popular g

We went with Sherwin Williams Popular Gray (6071).  It’s a touch lighter than what I wanted to go with and a touch darker than what Lisa wanted.  We compromised and met in the middle.  It’s a hue or two lighter than “Perfect Greige,” which is 6073, but it’s definitely in the vein we were aiming for.  Big fan of it so far.  I wasn’t sure how it would look against the darker beige/light brown carpet, but I think it looks fine.  Ideally, we’ll be ripping these carpets out eventually (couple years yet) and installing some dark hardwood to match the rest of the house.

In case you haven’t seen our planning post, we were inspired by this pic from pinterest..

greige and hemnes bed

In terms of wall color, I’d say we’re pretty close.  Plus, if you look closely, you can see a light brown carpet under the night stand.

I’m still banking on Lisa giving me the go-ahead for some custom shelving, but it may be a while.  We’ll need something to store her toys and shelves for books.  I really like this option we found on Pinterest…

built in bookcase and cabinets

I’d have to re-scale it to make it more kid friendly, but that wouldn’t be too hard.

Are you painting or planning to paint?  Are you more into the neutrals like we are or do you prefer louder tones?

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Our Master Bedroom and Sitting Room

Posted by John on January 2nd, 2013

Two posts in a row!  Talk about a New Years resolution.  It’s like going to the gym everyday for a week… that’s what two posts in a row is like… at least in my head.  I haven’t been to the gym since around 2005.  It’s been 7 years.  I was 26.  Wow.  Anywho, about our master bedroom and sitting room.

As I mentioned in our 2013 To-Do list, we’re planning on making use of this sitting room that’s attached to our master bedroom.  I don’t think it would be proper to just show you the sitting room, so we’ll show you both.

***Remember, we haven’t done ANYTHING to these rooms other than throw in some furniture.  They need paint, decorating, the works.  Also, I hate decorating.***

Here’s the first thing you see when you come up our stairs…

master bedroom 2

Is it normally that cleaned and freshly vacuumed?  Um… yes (no).   I picked a crappy day to take these photos.  It was heavily overcast even during the normally bright hours, so I had to use the overhead and room lights, which washes the room over in a warm amber glow.  If you’ve tried to take interior photos at night, you know what I’m talking about.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

Moving into the room…

master bedroom

We have our bed.. it’s king sized.  I would make a crack about being a king or something, but if you’re married and have a schnauzer you need all the room you can get.

This entire furniture set came from Mealey’s.  It’s held up well.  Nice stuff.  The carpet, not so much.

Lisa’s dresser…

woman's dresser

My “gentleman’s chest” … thankfully they didn’t make me provide references or otherwise prove I’m a gentleman in order to purchase it.

gentlemen's chest

If I’m not careful, several t-shirts will roll out onto the floor when I open the side door.  It’s like a spring loaded peanut butter brittle can.  Stuff pops out.  I need to add a system to this thing.  Not high on our list, but on the list nonetheless.

Moving onto the sitting room…

sitting room 2

It’s actually a decent sized room.  We’ve yet to do any actual “sitting” in said room, but we are planning on it.

There’s a nice sized long wall where we’ll put a couch…

sitting room 3

sitting room

We’ve actually already bought a couch for this space from Ikea and we’re using an older flat screen we have from our first home.  I’ll be doing a couple posts on hiding the TV’s cables using a slightly different method than the Powerbridge we used at our neighbor’s house as well.  Beyond that we need a TV console which we haven’t picked out, lighting and ideally some built-in shelving.  Hopefully painting this space will carry over into the rest of the master.

Remind me never to take pictures in this room with those lights on again please.  It’s giving me a headache.

What’s your first project of 2013?

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2013 To-Do List

Posted by John on January 1st, 2013

Hey everybody!  We’re back.  Hope you all had a happy holiday.  Nothing beats 10 days off from work.  We had a relaxing and enjoyable break, although I wouldn’t complain if I had another 10 days off!  I did manage to catch bronchitis right after Christmas and was OOC for a few days last week.  Thank goodness for Z-Packs.  I was hoping to get loads of stuff around the house done over the holiday, but that didn’t happen.  We started a few things here and there that we’ll bring you up to speed on.  First though, I thought we’d share with you our Blog To-Do list for 2013.

This is a list of projects Lisa and I would really, really like to get done this year.  I’m not going to hold my breath for a few of them, but we’ll see.  Can’t hurt to list them and see what happens.

to do list 2013

I’ll run through these real quick…

1.  You’re going to see a tour of our Master Bedroom real soon.  Prepare to be underwhelmed at how little we’ve done in here.  We’re taking a first step and working on our attached sitting room.  We’re buying a couch, throwing a flat screen on the wall and maybe making some built-ins or buying a shelf.  This is the first series of posts we have for you in 2013.

2.  Custom WordPress Theme… This one is killing me.  I know how to build it, I think.  We still have yet to put ideas to paper and create one.  I’m hoping to knock this out ASAP.  Stay tuned.

3.  See #1.  We need to do something with these spaces.  Badly.

4.  It’s either build a deck or finish the basement.  We’re leaning towards the deck since it makes having summer visitors more enjoyable, but having a finished basement would be sweet.  I could finish a deck in a few weekends and it’s fairly inexpensive.  A basement finish would be a summer long affair and would be a LOT of material $$.

5.  The garage..  ehhhh.  We need shelves and storage.  Can you get a house keeper that just cleans garages?  This space continues to be the Bane to my Batman.

6.  Ah the office.  Our catch all that we’ve been meaning to get to.  I would love to work on this before the spring.  We’re going to rip out the carpet, install hardwood and make some built-in custom cabinets and a desk.  We thought we’d get to this one last year.  Didn’t happen.  Hoping for this year.

7. Not a big project.  I have this gentleman’s chest.  It’s got a lot of stuff in it.  It needs organization.. It’s not very functional… you’ll see.

8.  Lisa has tasked me with improving our pantry.  We have wire mesh shelves and we could probably do something a little more clever.  Apparently she doesn’t like reaching into the closet for chips.  She wants the chips to come to her.

9.  Probably.  Won’t.  Happen.  I want to start a compost bin or pit or pile or whatever you call it.  I want to be able to throw banana peels outside.  I’d really like to grow my own bell peppers and tomatoes.  A couple chickens would be nice too, although I suspect they are against the community rules.

10.  Needs some updating.  Some plants are dying and some are thriving.  Overall, the flower bed needs to be reshaped to make it easier to maintain.

I’m sure some of these will drop off and I can tell you we have a few more that we’re playing close to our vest.  You’ll just have to stick around and see what happens.

What’s on your to-do list for 2013? 

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