Homemade Mini Eclairs

Posted by Lisa on May 1st, 2013

Hey, hey friends! Thanks for all the congratulations on baby number two.  Baby is doing great.  Today I am sharing a recipe my mom and I made a few days ago while she was here helping me with the kids: mini eclairs! My mom used to make eclairs and cream puffs all the time when […]

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Christmas Cookies

Posted by Lisa on December 13th, 2012

Every year I make Christmas cookies with my mom. We’ve been making them together since I was a little kid with my grandmom. Since we’ve been married, I’ve also been putting together a cookie tray for John to take to his office Christmas party. We always make certain traditional Italian cookies and every year try […]

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Patriotic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Posted by Lisa on July 4th, 2012

Happy Fourth of July! We hope you have a great holiday. We are laying low and working on the house (surprised!?). I am planning a faux cookout thanks to my Griddler. To serve as the dessert, I whipped up a batch of patriotic chocolate chip cookie bars. This recipe is courtesy of my mom. She […]

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Gourmet Madeleine Cookies

Posted by Lisa on June 19th, 2012

Welcome to baked goods Wednesday!  Like that?  I just made it up! I love baking! I try and bake as much as possible, but it’s hard to find the time. I do try and cook at home a lot and try new recipes and I love finishing a great homemade meal with a homemade dessert. […]

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Pink Cake Pops

Posted by Lisa on February 16th, 2012

If you viewed our Birthday Party post, you know one of the sweet treats I made for the party was homemade pink cake pops. This was not my first time making cake pops – I made them as a favor at my pumpkin-themed baby shower. This time around, I made sure to take photos! If […]

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100th Post … Baby Birthday Party!!!

Posted by Lisa on February 7th, 2012

Well kids it’s here – our 100th post.  I know some of you are regular readers, and some are not, but I just want to take a minute and say thanks for the support and comments and of course keep them coming!!  We’re having fun with this blog thing so I hope you enjoy reading […]

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Apple Cake

Posted by Lisa on October 6th, 2011

A few weeks ago my mom emailed me this recipe. I saved it in my favorites to make for a special occasion. So, when our friends invited us to apple pick at the orchard I knew I would make this recipe. Here’s all of the apples we took home with us from the orchard. All […]

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Pumpkin Blondies

Posted by Lisa on September 19th, 2011

I was flipping through the October issue of Rachel Ray’s magazine and saw a recipe for pumpkin blondies. This intrigued me so I read on. She uses a boxed blondie mix, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice. Yumm! So I left the house to pick up a blondie mix (because I have like six cans […]

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Pumpkin Pie

Posted by Lisa on September 14th, 2011

I went over to my parents’ house earlier this week. We picked a rainy day and did some Fall baking! We ran over to the grocery store to get some ideas, and decided to make homemade Pumpkin Pie.  Everyone in my family loves this Fall treat. We used organic canned pumpkin. This stuff tastes super […]

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Chocolate Chip Scones

Posted by Lisa on August 4th, 2011

So on a whim today I decided to bake up some yummy scones! This is my first attempt at scone making – and I think it was pretty easy. This recipe has been floating around for quite some time but it’s the first time I am making it. The recipe is as follows: 2 cups […]

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