An Introduction

Hi and thank you for stopping by my small corner of the internet.

My name is John Gerard and I've been working on houses for a while now. You can read all about how I started my home improvement journey here.

I mostly got into DIY because I knew what finished product I wanted in my house and I couldn't afford to pay anyone else to do it for me. It also doesn't hurt that I'm an engineer in my day job.

Home improvement and web development are my two big hobbies so when that happens you become a home improvement blogger.

My Background

I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania and moved to Philadelphia for college. After graduating from college with an engineering degree, I started work and bought my first house within the first two years out of school. Although I'm pretty handy now, I didn't grow up working on my house as a kid. I would help my dad with painting and some other minor chores, but nothing major.


When I'm not working on my house or on my websites, you can catch me watching a Flyers or Eagles game. I'm a big fan of entrepreneurial podcasts.


I've written articles for's Blogger Nation, Zillow and various other home improvement websites. You can check out my eBook on