Custom Media Cabinet Part 9: DIY Cabinet Doors

Posted by John on November 7th, 2013

So our Custom Media Cabinet is nearly complete.  I’m hoping to get it painted and then assembled this weekend.  Instead of putting it together and then painting it, I’m going to try painting most of it first and then gluing it up.  It was a major PIA to paint our built-in once it was finished.  Especially the interior of the cabinet.  Hoping to avoid that aggravation.  Anyway, in today’s post, I’m going to show you how to DIY cabinet doors.

diy cabinet doors

Back when we made our built-in, I threw together a video on YouTube showing our readers how to build inset shaker style cabinet doors.  That video was up on YouTube for a couple months and got over 12,000 views!  I took it down to make some changes and re-uploaded it a few weeks ago.  There’s really no sense in making another video on shaker style inset cabinet doors, obviously, so I’m just going to re-share the original video.

Shaker style doors are fairly straight forward to make.  Making them inset instead of overlay just screams custom and in the video I show you how I go about getting that result.

Oh, and head’s up… Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale this weekend, so you can be sure we’ll be heading over there.

If you don’t see the video, click here for the link to the YouTube page.

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  • Julia @Cuckoo4Design

    I want shaker style doors for my kitchen but I'm not seeing myself building some any time soon

    • I was just going to same thing! I've tried sweet talking my husband into building all new shaker doors for our kitchen (I hate ours) but so far, he's not biting… I should show him this tutorial 🙂

  • interiorsbykenz

    I love shaker style doors. They are so simple and beautiful. You are an excellent carpenter!

  • Amy

    Love that style and very good video! Congrats on all the views – that's pretty cool!

  • I need to give you our cabinet info so you can give me the correct terminology for that blog post!

  • Wow! That's awesome! You did a video too. Over achiever 😉 Can't wait to see it all finished! xo Kristin

  • Love shaker style doors! I was looking at our cabinets the other day wondering how much it would be to replace the doors with shaker style ones but I'm scared to find out the total cost. These look semi-doable! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Another great video. This solidified in my head that a table saw and a dado blade should be the next tools I buy! Love seeing how careful you are; learning a lot!

  • Nate doesn't read blog but I am making him read this! We have some shaker style doors waiting to be made!

  • almost there! I'm excited to see it all finished!