Custom Media Cabinet: Complete Wrap Up

Posted by John on November 24th, 2013

The TV stand is finally done.  During the week I wrapped the bottom of the cabinet with some baseboard molding using the same procedure we used on our first built-in.  The only thing I may still do to the cabinet is re-coat the top and shelves with some cabinet grade enamel paint.  The latex paint doesn’t seem to be holding up quite as well as it does on the built-in.  Latex paint isn’t designed for cabinets and it lifted up somewhat after I rested my camera tripod on it.  No biggie.  Here’s what it looks like now.

white tv stand

The baseboard molding seems to give the cabinet a fuller look.  Big fan.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features…

The baseboard trim ties into the wall and the seam where the cabinet meets the wall has a thin bead of painters caulk to make the cabinet look fully “built-in.”  It only sticks out from the wall about 18″ to match the depth of the other piece in the room.


From the front you can see the open center section is just wide enough for our PS3 and a DVD player.  I measured some of the electronics in our family room to make sure that they would all fit.  All three sections feature a plethora of shelf pins for adjusting the shelf height.  The cabinet hides all the outlets on the wall as planned.


Lisa is thrilled to have some more toy storage.  She moved the shelf on the left side up to accommodate a larger plastic bin she bought from Target.

inside tv stand

Here’s a little trick I learned from Norm Abram back when he was on New Yankee Workshop: the bottom plywood shelf sits a little higher than the face frame.  It acts as a door stop.  The cabinet has a door stop device on the top, but this beats adding a second.

cabinet door stop

So let’s do a quick recap.

build a tv stand

1.  Design the overall look of the cabinet and rough dimensions
2.  Design the face frames
3.  Design the cabinet box
4.  Draw our cut sheets
5.  Buy our lumber and plywood
6.  Face frame construction
7.  Cut the plywood
8.  Add dados
9.  Build our shaker doors
10.  Assemble our cabinets
11. Cabinet Installation

I hope this post inspires you to not only build something from scratch, but to build something that meets the needs of the space.

*** UPDATE:  Forgot to mention the cost.  The total for the cabinet was around $155.  Not too shabby.***

So what’s up next?  Well, these two cabinets may be done, but the sitting room isn’t even close.  We picked out some paint and lighting and we’ll be dressing this space up later this week.  Stick around.


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  • oh wow! It turned out so beautifully! Just really, really nice. And more toy storage is ALWAYS a good thing 😉 Great work!

  • This looks so good! Great work!

  • amyanniemc

    Woo hoo! Looks great! Well done.

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design

    It looks so professional and is perfect for that spot. A job well done!

  • Nicely done. Maybe we will be bold enough to try something like this is the future. The den could use built ins, and it means we get to buy more tools!

  • The Norm tip is great. I'll be incorporating the same detail to my built-ins. Did you edge band it or just count on the paint to cover that 1/4" lip of the plywood? Stain grade you would have to band it or see the edge when the door is opened.

    • I should probably have edge banded it for a cleaner look, but the paint I used was thick enough to fill in most of the smaller voids. Def would have to edge band with stain, you\’re right

  • Love how it turned out! You are very talented! Plus the step-by-step instructions are pretty fabulous my friend!

  • interiorsbykenz

    What a beautiful piece of furniture. It was so fun to watch you build it and see it all come together. I love how customizable it is for your needs.

  • anu

    The cabinet turned out so well and how great is it that you made it yourself?! Looks wonderful!

  • Nice work John. It turned out really great. What a lot of work!

    • Thanks John. You ain\’t kidding.

      • … and since you're talking some pointers from The New Yankee Workshop, remember Norm always built two copies. Yep, you better get cracking on that second one!

  • mindymac

    Wow. This is so impressive and polished looking. I wish I had the follow through skills that you guys possess.

  • Nancy

    Hi John,
    I've enjoyed following the progress of your media cabinet. Looks great!


    • Thanks Nancy!! Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Much appreciated.