Our Hemnes Toddler Bedroom

Posted by John on February 4th, 2013

Hey there cats and kittens (bonus points if you know who says that phrase every week)!!  Hope everyone got enough sleep after that thrilling Super Bowl.  Wow.  We had a pretty busy weekend, but still managed to knock off a few minor projects off our to-do list.  Saturday we had a family party for our daughter’s 2nd birthday.  We’ll be sharing some pictures later this week.  More importantly though, I thought we should bring you up to speed on the whole we’re having a second baby thing.

So, we’ve known since August that we were growing our family but we put off making an announcement on the blog.  We talked about taking a picture with Sherry and John from the signing, which of course we’d post, and we knew Lisa would be visibly pregnant.  So, we thought that would be a fun opportunity.  Since Christmas, the biggest home related decision we’ve had to make regarding the new baby is what we’re doing about the bedrooms.  Do we re-use the nursery and move our daughter into a new bedroom or do we make a new nursery?  You obviously know the answer to this one by now, but it took us a while to finally make that decision.  It’s not easy moving your first child out of their nursery.  They grow up so fast.

Anyway, that’s some background on our whole bedroom deal.  Our daughter helped by jumping out of her crib fairly early thus necessitating some action.

Since we already owned a couple white Hemnes pieces, we thought it might be easier to just pickup a matching twin bed and go from there.  We looked at toddler sized beds as well, but it seems like a better investment to just stick with the twin bed.

Here’s what her bedroom looks like now..

Keep in mind we still have to do a good deal more decorating.  Lisa has a laundry list of ideas that we’ll work through over the next few weeks.

hemnes toddler bedroomLisa’s parents picked up the comforter and cupcake sheets at Home Goods.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

hemnes toddler bedroom 3Lisa and her mom are also big Scotty fans.  They also grabbed this Scotty bookend at Home Goods.

scottish terrier bookendThe wall opposite the bed is completely blank.  We have a few ideas for the room as I mentioned, but nothing nailed down yet.  It’s a big wall.  We’ll see.

hemnes toddler bedroomAnyone else wish they had President’s Day celebrated today?


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  • Oh my gosh it's adorable!!! So girly and perfect. I bet she's going to be thrilled!

    • Thanks Ainhoa! She seems to like it so far! Although she's not a huge fan of going to bed anyway.

  • I like that furniture style. Very simple, clean lines, but still stylish. It's seems a good choice for a kids room since it will go with whatever her interests might be.

    • Thanks Joseph! Part of the reason we like it so much is that it goes with everything… so down the road if her taste changes, the furniture will probably still be okay.

  • *sigh* Lisa, you’re one lucky lady! I hope I can decorate a little girl’s room one day!! If for no other reason than ruffle bedspreads! Love! Can’t wait to see what else you guys do in here 🙂

    • Thanks Mindy! I would definitely be thrilled with a boy someday!

  • Aww so sweet!! It's perfect for a little girl, and I think the twin bed was a smart choice! And I'm a HUGE fan of anything cupcake related, so of course that made me smile! 🙂

  • It's looking great in there! That comforter is perfect for a little girl 🙂
    PS – I love that mini pink chair in the corner – it's adorable!

  • casadechristine

    Awww I love it all! So feminine and perfect! The ruffles on that bedspread are too cute!

  • wow, very cute and sweet bedroom. love the pink bedding and the white furniture.