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Dressing Up a Hemnes Dresser

Posted by on February 11th, 2013

So even though my I’ve already mentally started work on our sitting room built-ins, we obviously aren’t done with our daughter’s bedroom.  We still want to add some decor and personalize the room a bit.  Lisa has several little projects planned.  One of those little upgrades we were able to knock out in about ten minutes.  We added some new pink drawer pulls on her Hemnes dresser.

We love the Hemnes line.  It’s clean, bright and pretty versatile.  However, we thought we could dress it up a bit and maybe make it a little more girly.

hemnes dresser

Lisa spotted some pink, clear drawer pulls at Target on sale and quickly snatched them up.  hemnes knobs

Most drawer pulls come out pretty easy.  I don’t really have to go into it… but, since we took the photos and we have a DIY blog… ya know…

hemnes drawer pulls

The new pulls came with their own screws and were roughly the same size as the old hardware.

pink drawer pulls

After they’re installed, they change the feel of the dresser a bit.

pink drawer pulls

We also made sure we had enough pulls for the night stand.

hemnes night stand

hemnes pink drawer pulls

Not too bad right?  Plus it was cheap.  I think the pulls were around $3 for a pack of 6.  Don’t quote me on that.

See that piggy bank?

irish piggy bank

My sister got it for our daughter on a recent trip to Ireland.  It’s head bobbles.  Fun stuff.  My side of the family is equal parts Irish and Polish.  We each sort of favor one background over the other at times… or at least I do.  Anyway, she’s got a few piggy banks.  The other two have her name on it though.

Have you made any custom changes to stock pieces? 


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