Fix a Broken Ektorp Couch

Posted by John on January 6th, 2013

Last week we started discussing our plans for the sitting room immediately attached to our Master Bedroom.  Over the weekend we managed to knock a few items off of our to-do list for this space starting with the couch.  Lisa’s parents generously bought us a beautiful couch for Christmas from Ikea!  We did a walk through of the show room in South Philly a couple weeks before the holiday and picked one out and then just scheduled the delivery in the store.  Do I have great in-laws or what?  Thanks mom and dad!

Did you know Ikea delivered?  I had no idea.  I never actually thought about it since I’ve had my Jeep for years and never needed anything from Ikea delivered before.  Now that we have our Jetta, I’m going to need darn near EVERYTHING delivered at this point!

Lisa and I picked the EKTORP three seater sofa and got a cover in Svanby Brown.  After opening up the box (yes, it comes in a box; yes, assembly is required), I immediately noticed a problem.

ektorp in box

There is a long 2×4 board down the length of the couch that has three metal brackets with wood screws.  The wood screws had been torn out of the 2x causing some damage.  Probably happened during delivery or shipping.

ektorp supports

broken ektorp

ektorp popped screws

ektorp broken

Bummer, right?  So, I either send it back, which is a GIANT pain since it was delivered or I can try to fix it.  A little while back we did a post on repair screw tear outs on one of our kitchen cabinet doors.  This is essentially the same type of repair.  All I need to do is get a longer and wider screw and I should be good.

Here’s how to fix a broken Ektorp couch:

Here’s the screws…

ektorp screws

The screw on the left is the fastener that came with the couch, the same one that got ripped out.  This screw is a size 6 and it’s 1″ long.  Wood screws diameters are sized by even numbers up until a 14, which is 1/4″.  After that point, they are sized pretty normally (3/8″, 1/2″, etc).  So, an 8 is wider than a 6 and so on.  The screw in the middle is an 8 and is 1 1/2″ long.  The screw on the right is a 10 and is also 1 1/2″ long.  My goal here is to use as big and as long a screw as I can.  I was able to get away with using a #10 x 1 1/2″.  I’m not sure why Ikea didn’t just use a 1 1/2″ long screw to begin with, quite honestly.  The board is a 2x, which is 1 1/2″ thick anyway.

At this point I just replaced all the popped screws with the longer, wider size 10s.

ektorp repaired

All good.  The rest of the assembly was a snap.

This particular cover is a little on the coarse side, but still comfortable.  We really like it’s casual look.

coarse fabric

Underneath the cover is just an underpad.  There is no other “couch” underneath the cover, so you DO need some type of cover.


So far, we love it.  Great couch.  I could’ve done without the repair, but it wasn’t a big deal.

ektorp side view

ektorp couch

We pulled the permit for the electrical work involved with hanging the flat screen and we’ve been talking a lot about the other furniture we’d like.  I’m hoping Lisa lets me build a couple pieces in here instead of buying them.  It would be fun.

Show of hands… who else has Ikea sofas?  Do you like them?

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  • Ooh, it looks great! You already know that we have an Ikea sofa and love it. It's held up great. Oh and one of my aunts has had a couple of Ektorps for years & years and she still has them!

  • We're thinking about getting the Karlstad for our office. If I can get the husband to make the 3 hour drive to Chicago! Yours looks great!

  • The sofa looks great – I love the cover you chose! Joe and I always kick ourselves for not buying an IKEA sofa (considering all the moving we've done, it would've made things much easier!).

  • casadechristine

    We don't have an Ikea sofa so I cant comment about that but yours looks great! Good job on the repair! I'm sure that saved you some major hassle with returning it!

  • Rachel

    Pretty pretty! I have a ton of friends with Ikea couches. We helped one of them put theirs together! Major pain in the butt, haha. And it was missing a few pieces. They had to order the spare parts and wait a while for them. And cha – Ikea delivers! I didn't know either until we had some friends move into our area and they had all their new stuff delivered via Ikea. Pretty cool.

  • I've never had an Ikea sofa, but yours looks super comfy, and what a bummer it came all messed up with those screws. But you did a great job fixing them! Can't wait to see what you build!

  • Laurie

    Funny, my mom is on couch #3 from Ikea because they keep being delivered broken. Makes me wonder how many get delivered damaged that people don't know about! Good job!!

    • Wow that’s crazy. I think after the 2nd busted couch I’d stop buying them! They need to look at their packaging I think.

  • I love our Ektorp loveseat. We bought it over a two years ago and it has held up great. We actually got really lucky. We found it in the As-Is section. It was fully assembled but there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it. We just had to buy a slipcover for it. We ended up saving over $100 by buying it that way. They gave us the tool and we disassembled it and stuffed it in my husbands KIA Soul. It just barely fit. LOL.