Our Hall Bathroom Painted

Posted by John on November 25th, 2012

Hey everybody! Hope all of our American friends safely and joyfully slept off their turkey induced comas. Lisa and I had a great holiday with our family. Thursday we drove up to Northeast PA and had dinner at my mom’s house. Driving for two hours back home after eating turkey can be dangerous, but luckily we made it back safe and sound. Friday was shopping and turkey round two with Lisa’s family.

A couple weeks ago, we finally got around to painting our upstairs hall bathroom. It’s been plain builder grade white since we moved in over two years ago. Since its our hall bath upstairs, it’s reserved for our daughter and the occasional overnight guests.

Here’s a shot of the bathroom before we moved in.

hall bath

Actually, a while ago, we showed the bathroom as a sneak peak in our 5 Tips for New Home Builders. When we built, we opted to skip the large builder grade mirror and instead asked the builder not to install anything at all. They were totally fine with that idea. After all, it was less work for them. We installed a couple Ikea Kolja mirrors instead for a more personalized look.

hall bathroom before

You can see that greenish shower curtain we added after we moved in. In keeping with that scheme, we picked Sherwin Williams Tidewater for the wall color. Lisa originally wanted a neutral bathroom, but once she found that shower curtain a few years ago she changed her mind.

hall bathroom being painted 2

hall bathroom being painted

The light bulbs in these shots distort the look of the room a little bit. We had CFLs in the vanity light, but switched to a clear filament bulbs for most of the after pictures. It’s a much whiter light.

hall bathroom after

painted bathroom tidewater sherwin williams

painted bathroom tidewater

We’re very happy with the color! Even though the room is still builder grade, the paint plays well with the white vanity and tile. If we never do another upgrade in this room, I’ll be fine with it. I’ve been asking Lisa to think of some crafts or artwork to dress the room up (100% her department). We do need to add a little more character me thinks.

How was your Thanksgiving break? Get any projects done?

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  • The paint color looks great and I love that your soap even matches the tones in the room 🙂

    • John_OHFScratch


  • decorandthedog

    That color is fantastic. You can easily go wrong with blues. Love the shower curtain as well.

    I wish I had known about the whole "builder grade mirrors look bad" thing when we built. It pains me.

  • casadechristine

    Looks great! Love the bright colour!

  • Loveeeee! It's such a pretty color!

  • Love the color! It's gorgeous and definitely plays well off the white cabinets!

  • I really love the color you chose for the wall – it looks great in there!

    • John


  • amyanniemc

    It's pretty! Feels very tranquil. 🙂

  • So…. our upstairs baths are also completely identical. And we haven't touched ours yet either, other than a shower curtain. Easton just started taking baths in there this week so we've been thinking about at least putting some things in the cabinets 😉

    • John_OHFScratch

      That’s funny! We need to do a side by side comparison of our houses. Bath time is fun with our daughter. She gets her own towel and wash cloth now.