Garage Shoe Rack Part 2

Posted by John on November 4th, 2012

Happy Monday!  We had a mildly productive weekend.  Not gonna lie though, we’re much slower at home projects since the summer ended.  Here’s the deal, I’m taking a grad school class that requires weekly homework assignments on top of being parents, working full-time and doing general everyday life stuff like cooking, cleaning, eating, etc.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this class, but it’s amazing how marginal my free time is.  In the summer, when I’m not taking any classes and the days are longer, it seems like I can knock these projects out quicker. Oh well.  It is what it is.  In other news, we’re almost done our garage shoe rack.

Garage Shoe Rack Part 2: The Sequel.  Unlike most sequels, this follow up IS better than the original AND the book (there is no book).

We last left off with the shoe rack looking all framed up.

shoe organizer

Now this isn’t bad.  If I wanted to, I could start painting it.  But, the shelves are plywood and I think they’ll look better if their edges are hidden.

shoe rack before trim

To hide that plywood edge, I’m going to glue and nail on a piece of poplar that’s the same thickness as the shelf.  I’ll miter the edges so it wraps around the shelf.

poplar wood trim

Once the side pieces are added, it will look like this…

See, no more plywood end grain.  After spending a good amount of time trimming out those ten shelves, the construction portion is complete.

garage shoe rack

To mount this shoe rack to the garage wall, I’ve added a top and bottom plywood board that can be used for a fastener location.

Remember, this whole thing is mainly held together with some wood glue and pocket screws.

After some sanding, it’s ready for the paint shop, i.e., my garage.

shoe organizer ready for paint

Insert exciting cliffhanger music!!

This is where we’re going to leave off since we haven’t finished painting it.  We’ll be priming it white and then finishing it with a black gloss topcoat.  Really looking forward to getting all those shoes up off the garage floor #firstworldproblems.

So this is what 33 is like… getting excited about a garage shoe rack.  Enjoy your 20’s while it lasts.

What’s new and exciting in your neck of the woods?  Everyone doing okay after Sandy?

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  • The 30's are rough. I'm refusing to turn 31. Of course I said that about 30.

    I am really liking this. I'm sure Nate will be super pumped that I am adding it to his honey-do list.

    • John_OHFScratch

      Just keep turning 29. That seems to be a solid plan.

  • Love this! I really want to get some kind of shoe storage downstairs. I have a little shoe rack that moves between Jesse's side of the closet and next to the front door, depending on the weather.

  • Farooq

    Do I add a strip to stop shoe from slipping off ?