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Pinterest Challenge! Upcycled Diaper Boxes

Posted by on July 10th, 2012

Hi kids! Over the holiday weekend I completed my Pinterest Challenge – Upcycled diaper boxes into decorative bins.  The pin I used can be found here as well as the instructions.  My unique spin? It’s no-sew! I am not a sewer and I do not own a sewing machine, so I did my boxes with no-sew glue instead.

My supplies included black canvas (the stuff they use on directors chairs), decorative fabric as the liner, glue stick, scissors, measuring tape, no-sew glue, and of course diaper boxes.  I purchased everything at that great fabric and crafts store and the fabric was half off AND I used a coupon for 15% off my entire purchase. :-) I also want to mention that I did not own most of the material at the start of this project, so the upcycled diaper boxes weren’t much cheaper than buying decorative bins with a coupon somewhere – BUT I do get bragging rights that I made this myself so it was worth it!

See the fabri-tac in the background? I decided not to use it because it smelled like acetone.  I ended up using a glue stick instead and it worked out fine.

First, I taped the handle flaps in the box down with regular tape on the inside.  Then I measured the length and width of the box and then measured and cut the black canvas.

I centered the box on the fabric (and made sure that all sides were covered with canvas).  Then I measured 2 inches from each corner and made 2 cuts.

The canvas looked like this after all the cuts were done.

I used my glue stick directly on the box then pulled up the canvas.  I also used the glue stick on the short sides of the diaper box to cover the extra fabric.

Then I applied my no-sew glue to the flaps and then attached the short sides. Don’t forget to use the glue stick so the canvas will attach to the box.

This is what my box looked like after all sides were done! I trimmed the excess canvas from the top of the box, too.

Next, it was time to make the fabric liner.  The full instructions can be found here.  I will include some of my instructions, since I used no-sew glue instead.

I used the same dimensions for my liner as the black canvas.  I cut the liner fabric as instructed above and the fabric looked like this:

I matched the seams up and applied a line of the no-sew glue.

My seams did not match up perfectly since I wasn’t exactly precise in my measuring, but it did not make a huge difference in the end.  The no-sew glue dries pretty quick, so there wasn’t much waiting around.

After the four corners were glued together I put the liner in the box so I could see what I was working with.

Not too shabby, right?  I took the liner out to glue the seams down.  At this point, I would iron your fabric so the glued seams are tight.

Remember when I said my seams didn’t match perfectly? Well, this is what one of my sides looked like when I was done

Oops, but it wasn’t anything that a little dab of no-sew glue couldn’t fix.

Here is the completed project!  It’s just chillin on my kitchen table since this one is a gift for my mom.

I repeated the steps above with a second upcycled diaper box for myself to be used for a later project, and since I had extra materials left over I up-cycled a baby wipe box!!

I didn’t take any pictures while I was crafting this one, but here is the completed box, staged and all!!

So there you have it! Pinterest Challenge accepted and completed.  Aside from recipes, I haven’t actually completed many Pinterest pins – have you!?

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