Lisa’s House To Do List

Posted by Lisa on May 10th, 2012

I had some free time so I thought I would share some of my projects I would like to see done around the casa (de Walsh) – any other 90210 fans out there!?

I love the raised paneling we are completing in the dining room, if it wasn’t so time consuming (the planning of the boxes and execution) I would do it in the foyer, stairs, and upstairs hallway. Check out my Pinterest board to see some raised paneling I like.

I also would like to paint our second full bath. It’s decorated and I love it in there, and paint would really complete it! (hmmm I am thinking another post maybe?)

Speaking of paint, I want to paint our master bed and bath. Something neutral, of course! I saw a great Sherwin Williams color, but I can’t remember the name. I’ll get back to you on that. Also, there is a great site here that we check out regularly for paint and decorating ideas. Funny story actually, we picked our color from that website for our downstairs. When we told the paint guy the name he told us it had changed to another color name and gave us that sample. When I went back to purchase the entire paint for the downstairs, I found out that the original color was available, but I went with the second color instead because I loved it so much!

Another dream of mine would be hardwood floors upstairs. Who knows if this dream will ever become a reality.. I just can’t see us having to close off the second floor for a few days to get this project done.

I also want to finish installing ceiling fans in two of the bedrooms. I can’t even go in them at night because we have no lights! I wanted all the fans upstairs to match – is that weird? This is what they look like

Pretty basic fan. We purchased them at Lowe’s.

I also have major plans for our front door and mailbox. For the front door I was thinking something similar to this…

20120429-203841.jpg from this blog

I love the numbers, kick plate, and knocker. I have most of the hardware, but I haven’t decided on a knocker yet. I can’t decide if I want a plain one or a personalized one. Truth be told, I haven’t even started looking yet.  I really like this one from Baldwin.

and while I’m at it, add a few more accessories….

I also want to do some landscaping and decorating of the mailbox. As it stands we don’t even have numbers on our mailbox! I am hoping to work on that one day when the weather is nice.  This looks good:

via greengardenista.

So that’s my to-do list for at least a little while.  What’s on your to-do list?

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  • Those house numbers are cute! I'd do raised paneling everywhere, too, but it definitely is hard consuming. Good luck with your to-do list!

  • Kristen

    That's quite the to-do list! It's definitely going to keep you busy! I agree with Ainhoa – those house numbers are adorable! Can't wait to see you tackle the project!

  • That’s a sizeable list! We have a long one for our house too. I love that front door inspiration! It’s beautiful!

  • Cute front door! I like the landscaping around the mailbox too. We’re currently working on a little project for the numbers of our address!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Love where you’re going with the outside decor! It’s been so beautiful here that I’ve been itching to work outside.. you know, as soon as we’ve got something besides dirt to work on. 😉