Cabinet Pullout Drawers: Done

Posted by John on May 9th, 2012

For a while there, I didn’t think I’d ever be writing this post.  Thankfully, this day has arrived and our kitchen cabinet pullout drawers have been successfully installed.  If you recall, I built these drawers over a series of five posts (here, here, here, here aaaaannd here).  In actuality, I think I spent maybe five hours altogether cutting, assembling and finishing them.  I must have spent six weeks trying to get the right hardware for them!!  Yikes is right.  One of my goals for this project is to post some plans with variations for various joint configurations… maybe add a calculator so you can enter your cabinet dimensions and it will spit out dimensions for a sliding drawer.  If you thought the joints looked daunting there are easy joint versions that I’ve got some ideas for.  We’ll see!

The first piece of advice I can give you if you are thinking about building similar sliding drawers:  GET YOUR SLIDE HARDWARE FIRST.

So, long, boring story short… I wanted to get the exact same slide hardware that are in our cabinets.  I think it will look better if it weren’t a hodge podge of parts.  I called a local vendor that carries our cabinet maker’s product line and they gave me a quote of $50 per drawer.  No thanks.  I then proceeded to try to make it work by trying to use what I could from Lowes, Home Depot and every other online slide retailer I could find.  To hell with uniformity.  Bottom line: no dice.  Our cabinets have an interior depth of 23.”  I could only find one set of slides that fit and had to buy the bracket for that separately only to find out that it didn’t play nice with our drawers.  After losing a lot of hair I can’t afford to lose, I capitulated and called another vendor looking to grovel for a lower price.  Luckily, this other vendor was able to get them for around $14 a set.  Jackpot.

The best part of these slides is they install incredibly easy.  The backs of the slides have clips that snap into pre-drilled holes the cabinet maker already has in my cabinets!!  They must put them in there on every cabinet.

This hardware system makes this installation atypical compared to most slide hardware.  If I didn’t have this clip and I had a regular slide and rear bracket like this…

I’d have to install the front of the slide into the front of the cabinet first, level off the rest of the slide by taping a small level to the center of it and then tape my bracket to the back wall, mark the holes for the screw, pre-drill and then fasten the bracket with screws.  Got it?

All I had to do was worry about the front of the cabinets.  A few of the cabinets had long screws that joined one cabinet to the next right in the area where the drawer would be.  They were definitely getting in the way so I had to relocate them.

To relocate it, I just pre-drilled a small hole above the drawer hinge and then drove the screw into it. The holes for the front of the slides needed to be pre-drilled as well. Rule of thumb: If you need to screw into a hardwood (oak, maple, poplar, cherry, etc), you need to drill the hole first.

With the fronts attached, the drawer can slide right in.  Btw, I also attached the slide hardware to the drawers too.  Same deal, pre-drill, insert screw.

With both drawers in…

Glad that’s over. Sure beats rummaging through the bottom of a cabinet!

Overcoming any glitches on your end?

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  • It looks great! And it's going to be so much more useful, it's worth the trouble. Although, $50 for the slide hardware set?! Yikes! Glad you could find them much cheaper.

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks Ainhoa!

      • Reese


        Where did you get the plastic bracket hardware? I am in the same boat and want just the clips?


  • Kristen

    I can't believe one place wanted $50 for the hardware (it just seems cruel). Anyway, it looks wonderful! I'm so glad you were finally able to finish this project! I'll have to remember this when I finally am brave enough to tackle installing tracks in our spare dresser!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks! $50 is highway robbery. Looking forward to your slide install!

  • tiffany

    They look great, and I am green with envy!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks Tiffany!

  • Wowzers they look so professional!! Glad you found a good deal on that hardware!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks! I was relieved to get a better price.

  • Nice work! I'm sure it wasn't a lot of fun, but man you're going to love having them!!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Way ahead of you!

  • Cj

    I was wondering where you found your replacement hardware. I haven't had any luck finding mine, I have the exact same brackets and clips but they have worn out.


    • Cj, I bought the hardware at Direct Cabinet Sales in Cherry Hill, NJ. You\’ll probably need to call them or another local vendor to order them for you.

  • Cary

    I have the same problem as Cj. Can you tell me what the part number is or manufacturer is so I know what to ask for when I call the company you listed above?

  • JJ

    I also have the same problem as Cj. Can you tell me the p/n, mfr’s name and where I can order the slide sockets……THANKS….John Cygan. PS: I talked with Direct Cabinet Sales in Cherry hill, NJ and they keep giving me the run around telling me to try local suppliers and see if they can identify them…..FRUSTRATING!!!!!

  • Christy

    Was wondering if you had any suggestions for a different type of door hinge as we built our own drawers but used this slide ~Richelieu 2-Pack 24-in ~ and now it is hitting the door when we pull them out. The drawers are all made so we are desperately looking to find a way to make them work.

    • John @ OHFS

      Christy, recommend you post this question along with some pictures of your problem in our Facebook Group. Here’s a link to the page:
      It will be easier to help you out if I can see the issue. Hope to see you there!

  • Andy

    Does anyone know how to remove them? I have the same backs and can’t figure out how to remove it. There are no screws and I can’t figure out a press to get it to release the medal slides.