Dining Room Plans

Posted by John on February 13th, 2012

Isn’t it funny how the weekends where you do next to nothing seem to wear you out more than the ones where you do everything?  Is that just me?  Anyway, it’s about time I start sharing with you our plans for our dining room.  We’re planning on installing home made raised panel wainscoting.  There are a few things I need to do first and I’ll explain below.

Here’s our current dining room:

We’re still rocking decorations from the birthday party… kinda works as a Valentine’s Day thing too though.

To get this party started, we’re going to have to remove all the chair rail and baseboard molding.  The chair rail was added by the builder, so it’s not like I’m repeating the work I did here.  I’m also thinking about trying to upgrade our baseboard molding when we re-install it after the paneling is done.

Our current baseboard molding is kinda short and I’m a fan of the taller stuff.  To be consistent though, I’d probably want to start integrating this into the entire house.  Definitely a chore, but it can be done room by room.  Much easier going taller than shorter.

Another feature we’re going to want to add is another outlet behind this buffet. We have outlets on either side, but none directly behind it. We end up having to drape these cords out… This can absolutely be corrected. Depending upon where the current outlets meet up with our future paneling, we may have to move some outlets as well. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can avoid that.

I started pinning (yes, John is pinning… but I’m not a regular) some raised panel ideas. We’ve yet to decide on the exact configuration of the paneling, although I’m leaning towards one specific design. I’ll spill the beans in a later post on that one. Here are some examples of what we’re thinking…

(Courtesy of New England Panel)

(Courtesy of Old Town Home)

If we could get a result that’s even close to that, we’d be thrilled!!  So, here’s a list of what we’re going to have to accomplish and thus, what we’re going to be posting on:

1. Remove trim
2. Decide on layout and sketch on wall
3. Obligatory table saw post (What features to look for)
4. Move any outlets and add additional one
5. Build router table (Yes, I’m building one)
6. Install stiles and rails
7. Make and install MDF panels
8. Paint

So, stick around and watch our progress.  Lisa still owes everyone a couple posts on the cake pops and her cupcake cookies too!!  We plan on sprinkling in some  Remodeling Older Home Strategy Posts as well.  So, what projects are you starting?

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  • Kristen

    I love the raised panel look. It seems so fancy! Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

    • Thanks Kristen. We’re going to have to lift our pinkies when we drink tea in this room now. I’m going to need a monacle.

  • That room is already so pretty – I'm interested to see how different it will look!

  • I love your plans!! it's going to look awesome! I agree, now is the perfect time to move your outlet by the buffet 🙂

  • Excited to see how this all pans out. Raised panels mouldings are definitely trickier than a standard recessed panel so I'm interested to see how you go about it!

    • Christine, you would know…, working at a cabinet shop you've probably seen these made before right?

  • Oooooh! Pretty! Can't wait to follow along as you work on this! Love the comment about the monocle! 🙂

  • O my – I agree, I think that paneling would look lovely in there! Can't wait to see what you guys pick out!

  • D

    What color stain are your floors? I really LOVE that color. Also what wood type?

    • D, Thanks! We love them too! The floor is oak that's been stained cherry. The actual brand and model: Bruce Manchester Plank 3 1/4" wide in Cherry. If you're interested in the process, check out this post.. http://www.ourhomefromscratch.com/2012/01/replaci


  • Merideth

    my husband and i used new england panel systems in our living room and we loved it! they gave clear directions and helped us when we got stuck…and the end result is beautiful. good luck!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks Merideth! We're actually planning on making the panel systems from scratch ourselves. But NEPS is always a good back up plan!