Birthday Pennant Banner

Posted by Lisa on February 9th, 2012

This is the banner was hanging in our morning room for the party.  It’s still there (I’m going to try to see how long I can keep it up).

All the crafts and goodies for the party were a lot of fun and I thought I would start off with the most time consuming project – a birthday pennant banner.  Making banners is not new to me – check out one I made for Halloween

A lot of blogs have how-to’s for banners.  So I perused the web to check them out.  I had bought the paper for the banner way back in early December, since I knew I had to make one.  The paper I purchased was from Michael’s and was on sale for 25 cents per sheet (usually it sells for a dollar!).

I printed this template at 50% size (my banner was 26 letters long including spaces) on 110lb card stock I had leftover from my invite.  Then I just traced two pennant templates per sheet of paper.

After the first two, I smartened up and figured out that I should be tracing on the back of the paper and lined the pennants up so each would be sharing one cut.


Twenty-six pennants later, I began printing the letters.  I used Word to spell out “Happy Birthday” in size 300 font in hot pink.  I printed the document on 8.5″x11″ full sheet labels I purchased from Amazon. I am obsessed with this paper! It’s awesome 🙂

Then I cut out each letter by hand (ouch!) and used an exacto knife to cut the small parts. I removed the backing and placed the letters on the banner.

Now, I am sure there was an easier way to do this – say, purchasing sticky letters – but I never found any I liked and I figured I bought the label paper for some reason.

Then I took a standard hole puncher and punched two holes at the top of each pennant. Next I threaded my ribbon through.  After a lot of tweaking .. the banner was up!

The whole process didn’t take TOO long, and I was super proud to display a banner I made all by myself!  Hopefully John likes it too, because it’s staying up until his birthday… in July.

Next up… our cake pops.  Any Birthday plans coming up for anyone soon?  And what’s everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?  We’re staying in and cooking!




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  • Kristen

    Love the pendant! I say you can keep the banner up for at least a week because everyone gets a birthday week, right??

  • John_OHFScratch

    See Kristen, that's a reasonable request… Lisa prefers birthday months. I'm going to resort to taking it down one she's working.

  • Oh man, you're putting me to shame. Our little guy turns a year old next month, and the week of his birthday we are 1 – scheduled to move in to the new house, and 2 – in South Carolina for work. No idea how I'm going to pull off his party. It might be a little late. 🙁

  • I can't believe you made that yourself! The banner is incredible! I would pay someone to make me one of those! Very professionally done!

  • Looks fantastic! Well done!

  • I love it! It's really cute! I'm glad you did it by hand and don't have one of those fancy silhouette things, it makes me feel better about myself 😉

    • Lisa

      Thanks! This really was from scratch the old fashion way. No Cricuit here!

  • That turned out great! I love the mix and match paper. Also, I think the pretty pink ribbon really gives it that extra something.

  • thistlewoodfarm

    What a fun banner! I love how you mixed everything. This would be perfect for Valentine's Day!


  • Love it!

  • I <3 My Die Cutter

    Those fancy cutters are called cricuts and I'm not saying you did a bad job if anything you did an awesome job I have one of those fancy machines it's the cricut expression and i hardly used it until recently and only because last year for his 1st b-day my hubby wanted the theme to be prince/king themed and to find that stuff for a boy is near impossible and so we had it all custom made and it was alot more $$$ than we both wanted to spend and this year we have a 1st and 2nd b-day and i refuse to spend what i did on his one b-day and as far as a banner it takes no more than a few minutes to die-cut a banner and the font!!! I just caught the (ouch!) you put there and my chin dropped to learn you did it by hand and it looks amazing if you do this type of stuff often i would so get a cricut (i have expression) and it works wonders and saves me time (with 2 under 2) and $$ i can use for more stuff for my boys!!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks! I will have to check it out.