Our Grand Plans

Posted by John on December 5th, 2011

This holiday season, between over eating and last minute gift shopping, Lisa and I are doing some pretty major upgrades around here.  A couple of them we’ve already posted about and you’ve probably already seen, but we thought we should clue you in on the big picture.  Here’s a list of everything we’re planning…

1.  Add chair rail molding to vestibule (how-to post here and odd angles post here)
2.  Enhancing our crown molding (this week)
3.  Caulking and filling nail holes
4.  Painting, painting, painting
5.  Adding hardwood floors to our living room and family room

We’re looking to do these projects to increase the value of our home, to improve the general look of the interior and because we really just have always wanted to do these upgrades since we moved in.  Among all these projects, of course, we’ll be showing you our holiday decorations and whatever else comes up

Most of the molding projects are nearly done, we’ll be showing the crown molding upgrade tomorrow.

The floors will be particularly challenging.  We have hardwood in the rooms adjoining the living room and the family room already and we want to tie the new floor into the old to make it look like it was always there.  That means ripping out some of the old hardwood.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Well, you’ll see soon enough.

Here’s a before view of our family room as of a couple weeks ago (it’s now in full Christmas mode…

and our living room…

So stick around and follow us via email (that box on the left) so you don’t miss a thing! 

Oh, and don’t mind those non functional tabs there on the left, we’re working on some functional upgrades.

Are you planning on any upgrades this holiday season?

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  • Amy

    You will have your hands full! Looking forward to seeing everything!

    • John_OHFScratch

      Thanks Amy!

  • Kristen

    Can't wait to see it all. Are you planning on installing the floors yourself of bringing in professionals?

    • John_OHFScratch

      We’re planning on doing it ourselves! Should be fun! I’ve done it before, so I know what I’m in for.