After Hurricane Irene

Posted by John on August 29th, 2011

Hope everyone made it through the hurricane safe and sound! It got pretty windy here, but luckily we didn’t have any damage. We had a good scare around 9 pm when a tornado warning was issued for our county!! As soon as the notice came on the TV, we booked it into the basement with the baby and the dog and sat on some collapsible tailgating chairs to wait it out. Thankfully, there was only one tornado touchdown the entire night in our region in Lewes, DE and no one was injured (from the tornado anyway). We did have some minor water intrusion in a couple places that we’re going to have to deal with now.

When the driving rain started, Lisa and I did a walk thru of the entire house checking all the windows and doors to look for water penetration. We found the front door was letting water into the house through the door knob!! The door knob!? Really!? Not sure what to do about that. Maybe silicone caulk around it? I don’t know how much time and effort I want to invest into this because we’re going to replace all the hardware soon anyway. If anyone has any suggestions on quick fixes, let me know.

Another thing I was really concerned about was all the landscaping we just did. I was worried most of the mulch might run down my driveway and all over the sidewalk, but we did alright here as well.

Overall, we weathered the storm pretty well! How about you? Any surprises that need fixing?

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