The Build

When John and I decided to move out of the city, we both had a list of must haves for our next home.

I requested the following:

1.  New Construction

2.  Open Floor plan

3.  Spacious Kitchen with dark wood cabinets

4.  Dark, wide plank floors

John mainly one thing: 1+ acres.

We were able to find a home fairly quickly.  After a couple visits to the model home, we signed a contract for the build before we even listed our first home for sale.  After a couple weeks of straightening out some last minute projects, we listed our first home for sale ourselves and had a buyer under contract in about three days!  What a reflief!

We signed a contract for our new build in March of 2010 and we closed in mid-July.  Start to finish, the contruction process flew by, especially considering the builder didn’t even start on it until probably mid-April.