Friday Podcast: Movies We Haven’t Seen

Posted by John on May 17th, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! We survived another work week. For today’s post we’re trying something different… an audio podcast. Lisa and I were too beat to work on any projects or type out a long post and we were a little delirious quite frankly. Consequently, this podcast may be a little disheveled, but that’s okay.

The topic of our conversation is principally about the movies we haven’t seen. I think it’s around 8 minutes or so. For the first half I have my chin resting on my hand and sound like a weirdo. So, enjoy!

If you don’t see the play button, click this link: Movies We Haven’t Seen

Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy your weekend!!



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Our First Video

Posted by John on December 19th, 2011

The last week or so has been crazy busy.  On top of the regular Christmas run-around, Lisa and I have been furiously busy with our grand plans; add to that a last-minute work trip to San Diego.  So bear with us as we try to squeeze in a couple quality posts between now and Christmas!!

This past weekend, we were able to finish painting our added trim and finally started painting the beige!!  Not gonna lie, it looks awesome!  Most importantly, Lisa LOVES it.  Pheww!  If she’s happy = I’m happy.

First the trim:  after two coats of semi-gloss paint on the actual trim piece and three coats of paint on the wall between the trim and the crown molding, it looks pretty decent.  The in-between part is still not quite as glossy as the wood, so we may revisit this once all the beige is on and maybe UP the glossy level for that small section.  TBD.

Now for the beige.  We prepped and painted the morning room and we’re really happy with everything…. the level of shade, the paint quality, the overall look, you name it!  Although, I definitely could have done a cleaner job cutting in the ceiling.  I used a crappy brush and now I’m going to go back and clean it up with my Purdy brush later this week.  Oh well!

Here’s a photo of that room before we painted it.

Even more fun than painting is the new time lapse video we shot!! I setup the camera and recorded me painting the morning room from painter’s tape to finish!  Check it out below.  I’m no Steven Spielberg, but it was a lot of fun to shoot.  See if you can catch Lisa goofing off!!  If you blink, you miss it!

Pretty cool ay?  Later this week, we’ll have the after photos from the morning room.  All I have right now is the photos from the movie.

Plus, before Christmas… Lisa and I are listing our favorite Christmas songs!  Not guaranteed to be free from Elf quotes, but I’ll try to keep them at a minimum. Anyone else doing any holiday home improvements?

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Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Posted by John on December 8th, 2011

Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?  ‘Tis the season for Christmas movies!  Every year about this time Lisa and I love to watch our favorite holiday films.  A lot of them we both enjoy, but some of them we don’t see eye to eye on… at all.  Here is a list of our favorite Christmas movies…

1.  Elf

John:  So this is one we both agree on, although Lisa likes this one a lot more than me.  I’m about sick of watching it by Labor Day.

Lisa:  I painted a picture of a butterfly.

John:  Whenever this movie gets mentioned, all you do is quote it.

Lisa:  He’s an angry elf.

John:  I’m 5’8″, I’m not an elf.

Lisa:  Does Santa know you left the workshop?

                                                           John: (eyeroll)

2.  A Christmas Story

John:  This is my favorite Christmas film.  They used to play this movie all day on TBS when I was in high school.  Classic movie.  I must’ve seen it 200 hundred times.

Lisa:  This movie stinks.

John:  I’d like to point out that you just saw this movie for the first time last year, I’m pretty sure you were living under a rock.

Lisa:  I don’t know, I never de-clawed kittens before.

John:  I think I see where this is going…

3.  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Lisa:  I am personally not a fan of this movie, although some regard this as a Christmas classic.

John:  How can you not enjoy Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in their prime?

Lisa:  Candy, Candy Canes and Syrup.

John:  You surprised to see us, Clark?  Oh, Eddie… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.

Lisa:  I’m sorry that I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies in the VCR.

4.  Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Lisa:  This is a Christmas classic.  Good news, I saw a dog today.

John:  We’re not doing a Christmas movie post ever again.

Lisa:  Does someone need a hug?

John:  I liked this movie for about five minutes when I was eight.

Lisa:  It’s really, really, cute and I have nothing bad to say about it because I really like it.


5.  Home Alone

John:  Funny movie, but I don’t think of this one as a Christmas movie, but I guess it is.

Lisa:  It’s really entertaining.  It has some great Christmas music.

John:  One day, I’m probably going to booby-trap the house like Kevin McAllister did… and you’re my Joe Pesci.

Lisa:  That means the dog is Daniel Stern.

John:  This is just like Santa’s workshop, only it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to kill me.

*All images courtesy of wikipedia.org

So that was painful.  Do you like the same Christmas movies as us?  Of course you do.  Do you have any of your own favorites you watch every Christmas?


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Our Favorite Scary Movies

Posted by John on October 28th, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend!!

For our first Halloween as bloggers, Lisa and I are listing our favorite scary movies of all time!!  Plus, we’re doing something new and providing our commentary as we discussed each of these movies for the list… In case you can’t tell, Lisa doesn’t like and doesn’t watch scary movies, so this discussion was interesting.

Here goes:

John’s Top Five Scary Movies

1.  Drag Me to Hell

John:  We Netflix’d this movie as soon as it was available.  Really scary all around.  The parking garage scene is ridiculous.  Lisa made me turn it off when we got to that scene.  Lisa:  For real, if you wanna have nightmares, watch this movie.
John: I had to watch this when you were out and it was no fun. I prefer having you around being more scared than me.




2.  Exorcist

John:  Supposedly scariest movie ever made.  The re-release back a few years ago was crazy especially with the added spiderwalk.
Lisa: For real, I refuse to see this movie.
John: I’m going to learn how to spiderwalk to scare you.

3.  The Ring

John:  I remember watching this movie in the theater with a couple college friends and having to cover my eyes during the “well” scenes.  The ending to this movie was incredible.  Very scary movie.
Lisa: I saw it after it came out on DVD and I promptly erased all memories of this movie.
John: Before you die, you see the ring… seven days.
Lisa: Before I die, I better see a bigger ring… on my finger.

4.  It

John: The first time I saw this made for TV movie I was still young and Tim Curry in a clown suit literally bothered me for weeks. I couldn’t watch this again for a while. Not so scary for me now though. Plus, the TV version is lousy compared to the book, so I’m told and the TV ending is really hard to get unless you’re a frequent Stephen King reader.
Lisa: Never saw it. Tim Curry is also scary in Home Alone 2.



5.  The Shining

John: The hotel scenes with the twin girls and the blood in the hallway is outrageously haunting. The rest of the movie with Jack Nicholson losing his marbles is creepy too.
Lisa: Again, never saw it, but I do know that Redrum is murder spelled backwards.

Lisa’s Top Five Scary Movies

1.  What Lies Beneath

Lisa: I don’t really remember much about this movie, except for a scary underwater scene.
John: That movie WAS actually scary. Amazing, a scary movie we both actually sat through.
Lisa: Lesson here is “Men, don’t cheat on your wives or a ghost will drown you in a river.”
John: Point taken.

2.  The Grudge

Lisa: Saw this in college. Made my roommate sit in the bathroom with me while I showered, no joke.
John: I saw the original Japanese version and it’s creepy, but not terrifying, mostly because you have to read the subtitles… whatever, I’ve never seen the Sarah Michelle Gellar version.
Lisa: I’m surprised how much of this movie I remember considering how much of the movie I was screaming with my hands over my face.
John: Haha



3.  Fatal Attraction

Lisa: Remember how we fast forwarded through all the scary scenes?
John: I still do that in most horrors I rent. This movie isn’t a horror, but it’s still pretty terrifying.
Lisa: Again, moral of the movie is “Husbands, don’t cheat on your wives.”
John: I see a common thread in your movie picks here.

4.  Beowulf IMAX 3D

Lisa: I thought the Grendel scenes were really scary.
John: I remember when the movie first showed his character screaming from the beating of the drums. You pretty much had a heart attack in the theater. I was concerned we were going to have to leave the movie. I had to calm you down.
Lisa: That Grendel really scared me.
John: You were literally crying.
Lisa: I watched the rest of the movie without the glasses on and I kept those 3D glasses as a souvenir.
John: Why would you want a souvenir from an Angelina Jolie movie that you cried and screamed watching?

5.  Sex in the City 2

Lisa: Although not in the horror genre, SITC 2 haunted my dreams. This movie was completely uncalled for. You know what else it scary, the amount of airbrushing used for the promotion posters.
John: womp womp. Lisa makes a funny. No, for real, it’s scary that this movie got made. Abu Dhabi? Really? You bump into Aiden? Really? Then you come home after essentially cheating on your husband and what does Big do? He gave you a giant piece of jewelry. Ridiculous. Scary Ridiculous.
Lisa: No, what’s scary is the amount that you remember from the movie.
John: (silence)
Lisa: Moral of the movie: “Ladies, cheat on your husbands.” (Not really)

Honorable Mention:

Bambi: Lisa doesn’t like that the mommy deer dies.
Amittyville Horror: John’s pick. The pig grunts; the red eyes; the whole “get out” to the priest. Margot Kidder before Superman.  Terrifying.
The episode of Family Guy where Brian eats Stewie’s dirty diaper: Completely uncalled for. Also not a movie.

Lisa: Can we sleep with the light on.
John: No.

(All Images Courtesy of Wikipedia!)

Thanks for reading! So what are your favorite movies? We’d love to hear which ones you love or hate and why!!

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