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Adding Floating Shelves

Posted by on December 11th, 2012

Finishing a new home seems to be a continuous series of baby steps.  There have been major “ah-ha” moments, like when we finished the shed or the dining room wainscoting, but for the most part, our DIY projects have been minor in scope and fairly frequent.  Our to-do list never seems to end.  One of my pet peeves after having lived in our current home for a couple years now is the lack of general decor.  We keep it simple.  There are still a handful of rooms in the house that literally haven’t been “improved” upon since we moved in, including our master bedroom and bath (more on those very soon).  Nothing on the walls, no paint yet, zip, nada.  Since Lisa is in charge of what goes on the walls (she picks it, I hang it), I’ve been bugging her to come up with some more decor and interest for our spaces.  This week she bought a couple floating shelves from Target.  Big fan.

Even bigger fan of the hardware that came with it.  I have a love/hate relationship with molly bolts… no, it’s mostly hate.  I hate them.  Molly bolts that come with most commercial items are almost always a crappy plastic piece that  a.) spin in the drywall and never fasten down  b.) refuse to accept the screws that came with them  c.) pull right out of the drywall even after you’ve gotten them “right.”  /end rant.

These shelves came with my favorite type of drywall fastener, the white oversized screw type (see below).  You just push on them until they pierce the wall and then you just screw them down tight.

drywall anchor

I’m also a big fan of how the shelves attach to the wall.  They have a two piece metal bracket.  I also fully endorse Ikea’s floating shelf brackets, same basic concept.

floating shelf bracket

Once the bracket is mounted, the shelf just clips onto it.

floating shelf side view

They’ve got a sweet coved edge on three sides.  We’re showing the photo above to give you an idea of how far they stick out from the wall.  Not too bad.

floating shelves

With both shelves mounted, you can see how they add some needed Christmas cheer to our wall.  We actually had to think about how far “in” the top shelf needed to be.  Too close to the wall edge and a tall person could accidentally walk right into it.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye walking into a Target floating shelf.  How many times have we heard that childhood tale?

jack frost doll

silver christmas reindeer

That’s our tinsel reindeer.  You’re going to be seeing a lot of him.  We throw him into nearly all of our Christmas photos.  He’s got a 3 year, 12 post contract.  He’s pretty much the Charleston Heston of tinsel reindeer.  He’s kind of a big deal around here.

How are you adding interest to your spaces?

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Our First Poll and Mums!

Posted by on November 4th, 2011

So, yesterday on Twitter I promised our readers our first poll.  We’d like to add more interactivity and it’s a great way to get feedback on some of our projects and ideas.  Specifically, I said we’d be voting on a new catchphrase, with our current one being “building our home one project at a time.”  Ehhh.  Very appropriate phrase, but we’ve since seen it on a few blogs already and we wanted to come up with something more custom tailored for us.  But last night, when we sat down to review some of the options we I came up with, we realized they weren’t ready for prime time.  So, that particular poll will have to wait.

We do have a poll for you today though.  We need help picking our paint for our downstairs.  I’m not promising we’ll pick the paint that’s the most popular in our poll, but it will definitely help.  Leave a comment too if you have any constructive criticism.  Picking colors is hard!!!

To jog your memory, here are the paints…

From left to right, they are Accessible Beige, Practical Beige and Latte.

And here is our poll…

[poll id="2"]

Oh, and here are some mums Lisa picked up and that crazy looking pumpkin!

Thanks for voting! 

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Which Paint to Choose?

Posted by on November 2nd, 2011

Thanks to Mother Nature bestowing snow and rain on us this weekend, our garage painting had to be postponed! But don’t worry – we (mostly John) fought the urge to stay in and watch Halloween movies and instead went over to the paint store (plus he fixed our doorbell.)

Before we headed out, we looked through this blog. It’s really neat – endless photos of rooms and the paint colors listed. We picked out a few we liked and out the door we went.

After some executive decision making done primarily by myself, we left with three paint samples. They are as follows:

Accessible Beige, Practical Beige, and Latte. All are from Sherwin Williams. Why? Because there is a store near our house AND there’s sales going on there. Plus, we like their color selections and paint quality.

We purchased quart-size samples. Sure, we could have saved a few bucks and just did swatches, but we thought it would be worth the investment of about 6 bucks each to be able to throw the paint up and test it out. We are planning on painting the majority of the downstairs this color and we don’t want to have to repaint.


I put the samples up in three places in our house – the morning room, family room, and living room.



We have three differed types of floors in each of these rooms so it’s really important to us that the color looks good with the Berber, hardwood, and living room carpet.

Right now my vote is for Accessible Beige. I do want to pull up all the (paper) shades and see how the color looks in full sunlight.

We would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions for paint.  Have a paint that is your go-to and want to share?

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More Fall Decor

Posted by on October 5th, 2011

You know the Fall decorating doesn’t stop at just our house! I helped my mom decorate my parents’ house – and it turned out great if I say so myself.

Not too long ago I helped them with a plate wall above their server in the kitchen. Here’s the before.

Cute Scottie picture, right?

And the after.


And with Fall decorating.




They also recently painted their wood mantel to match their woodwork. I love the way it turned out! I really couldn’t believe the dramatic change a little paint cant do.

Here is what the mantel looked like before – prepped to be paint including frog tape


Paint is complete and waiting to finish drying …


Recognize the Scottie picture??


Here it is all jazzed up with pumpkins and decorating


I love the brass and pewter candlesticks my mom has!




I also added acorn vase fillers and placed a LED candle on top to one of their end tables.


It was a great day to hang with my mom and spend time with her. Both of us love decorating and it was great to do this together!

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DIY Pumpkin Banner

Posted by on September 29th, 2011

The Fall love continues! I bought these pumpkin cut outs at the dollar store way back in August when the Fall decor was just being rolled out.


I didn’t have any clue what I was going to do with them, but I figured I would think of something. I was going through my Fall decor tote to see what items I didn’t put out yet when I came across my baggie full of fall colored ribbons and vase fillers.  I figured I would make a fall banner with the pumpkin cut outs and ribbon.

The cut outs came in four colors.  I am not crazy about the green pumpkin so I tried out my banner idea with the green ones before I used the others.

Here’s the ribbon I used. I bought a couple spools of this one last year to tie ribbons around candlesticks and candles.


I used a hole punch to punch out two holes to run the ribbon through.


I tried threading the ribbon two ways.
First through the back.


And then through the front (my favorite).


Here’s the pattern I decided on too.


I used a total of nine pumpkins (three of each color).  I put three pumpkins together then made the hole punches. I took one pumpkin with holes and used it as a guide when punching the remaining holes so all the pumpkins would look even.

I wove the ribbon through the pumpkins.


Then the banner was all ready to be hung up!

Here it is!





Well, there you have it, a pretty simple pumpkin banner and I think it looks great!

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