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Our Favorite Christmas Songs – Part Two

Posted by John on December 26th, 2011

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!  Lisa and I are mostly kicking it old school in our pajamas most of the week.  We’re not trying to go too crazy with the upgrades around here, but we have been getting quite a lot of our grand plan done and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

BUT, for now it’s my turn to list my favorite Christmas songs.  Especially since we’re still listening to ’em around the clock.  On Wednesday, Lisa listed her’s.  I tried writing this post late last week, but I just too tired from all the shopping and gorging myself with holiday food. So here goes..

1.  Please Come Home for Christmas – The Eagles

John:  I have to say, I’m totally relieved that this song is sung by the Eagles and not just Don Henley.  I was worried that my musical interests are something out of a 1980’s VH1 special.

Lisa:  I like this song.  Nothing smart to say about it.

2.  That Spirit of Christmas – Ray Charles

John:  Best song from the greatest Christmas movie ever made.

Lisa:  I’m pretty sure when James Caan asks Buddy the Elf to sing in his office is the best song from the greatest Christmas movie ever.

John:  There is no way Will Farrell sings a better Christmas song than Ray Charles.  Not possible.

Lisa:  I’ll give you that.  But Elf is still the best movie ever.

3.  Blue Christmas – Elvis

Lisa: Whoa!  I’m shocked.  Almost speechless.

John:  Almost.

Lisa:  Awesome song by and awesome-est singer.


4.  Oh Holy Night – Josh Groban

Lisa:  Again, a very nice pick, I’m impressed.

John:  Excellent song.  Nothing really funny here. Wait, why are you impressed?  What kind of Christmas music did you think I listen to?

Lisa:  I dunno… Mariah Carey?

5.  All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

John:  Nah, just kidding.  No way!

5.  Burl Ives – Holly Jolly Christmas

John:  A timeless classic.

Lisa:  I like it too!  I’m impressed with your picks.

John:  While I’m mildly offended that you think I have terrible taste, I’m happy that we agree.

Thanks for stopping by!  What are your favorite Christmas songs?  Are you still listening to them even though we’re past Christmas?


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Our Favorite Christmas Songs – Part One

Posted by Lisa on December 21st, 2011

Well kiddos it’s that time again… for John and I to share our my favorite Christmas songs with the world!  This list is going to be lengthy, so we are going to split this post into two posts.

Lisa’s Top Christmas Songs:

1. Neil Diamond – Joy to the World

Lisa: This is one of my favorite songs, I probably picked this as numero uno since it’s sung by one of my faves, Neil Diamond.  I really like the lyrics, and Neil’s spin on the tradition song, and the gospel singers in the background.  I mean if this song doesn’t make you smile by the end.. .then you are a scrooge. *smiling is my favorite*

John: I would like to add that you listen to this song all year long and by Thanksgiving I’m about done with it.  At least it’s not in your car anymore.

Lisa: Actually, it is in my car, I just put it in yesterday.  You can listen on the 2 plus hour car ride on Christmas!

2. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

Lisa: Awesome song.  I like the beat and the clearly 80s feel to it!

John: You’re one of seven people in this country who actually know who sings this song.

Lisa: You’re an angry elf.

3. Up on the House Top

Lisa: This song is great! I really started liking this song in high school when we would sing this in choir and made all these really sweet dance moves to go along with the lyrics.

John: Number one, if you can do these dance moves on the couch, they aren’t sweet. Number two, the kids in this song get terrible toys.  One of the kids gets a whip.  In 2011 that’s called poor parenting.  How about a knife that shivs while we’re at it.

Lisa:  That’s what’s great about the song!!!  Finally we agree on a song!

John: And who wants a whip before Indiana Jones made it cool?  This song is from like 1962 AND I can’t believe I have to tell you how to spell “Indiana” because you never saw those movies.

Lisa: One, this song is like from the 50s and two, I think we just figured out our next “favorites” list – movies you like that I haven’t seen!

4. Dominick the Donkey

Lisa: Awesome song because it’s about an ITALIAN Christmas donkey who speaks Italian and climbs the hills of Italy – what more could you want from a Christmas song?

John: I never heard this song until I started dating you and I agree it’s an awesome song.  It makes me want to grow a serious mustache.  That youtube video was directed by Scorsese… Joey Scorsese.

Lisa:  You can’t even grow a non-serious mustache if you tried.  Back to the song. La la la la la.

John: I’m going to write the Polish version and it will be called “Stanislaw Worcheski the Buttered Polish Pierogie”

5.The Hanukkah Song – Adam Sandler

Lisa: Adam Sandler is a genius! I don’t know who all the people mention in the original version of this song… but it’s awesome! Also, Neil Diamond did a version of this song as well and it’s great!!

John: I don’t have anything to say about this song.  Technically, this isn’t a Christmas song, but it’s still a great holiday song.

My honorable mentions (in no particular order):

6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springstein

Lisa: I’m not a huge fan of the Boss, but I really enjoy his take on this song.

John: Neither am I, but legally that has to change since we moved to Jersey – it’s required by state law.

Lisa: That seems fair.

7. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Lisa: I’m pretty sure I listened to this song about a million times one Christmas when I was little.  I couldn’t get enough of it!!!

John: I have never heard this song before. Ever. And I never hope to again.

Lisa: the song doesn’t like you either.


I have a lot more songs I want to share with you later in the week because the truth is I love ALL Christmas songs and it is so hard to pick my favorites! Plus, I think John wants to pick some too (BOO!).  So stop by later.

Obviously John and I don’t see eye to eye on Christmas music.  What are your thoughts? Are my picks really that weird? Is there a song (or album) you and your family have to listen to each year?

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Merry Christmas …. Happy Holidays

Posted by Lisa on December 14th, 2011

If you’re a child of the 90’s like me … this title may remind you of the best boy band ever  – *NSYNC!  Don’t worry, I won’t go on any more about the awesomeness that was (and still is) *NSYNC.  This post is really about decorating our home for the holidays.

Ever since our first Christmas together, I have been decorating with snowmen, snowflakes, blue, and silver.  This was the first year I am starting to stray a little from this theme, but not much.

Our decorated tree – no tree topper yet! I am still searching for one.  This tree has so many lights it can be seen from space…

Our mantle… I had to move all the pictures from the mantle since the garland takes up so much space.  Maybe one day I will get around to fixing a picture permanently to the wall..

Cute tinsel reindeer I picked up this year at Michael’s.

Our stockings were hung by the chimney, with care….

Beaded wreath on the mirror (obviously)

Remember all the plate wall posts? Here’s one plate decorated with jingle bells. I attached the bells using a ornament hanger.

Mirror in the dinning room.  I love these snowflakes… I wish I remember where I purchased them so I could pick up a few more.

Tinsel tree undecorated and unlit.  This was supposed to be temporary but looks like it’s staying this year!

White tinsel tree in the baby’s room!!

I really have some more decorating ideas for the house but I think I will wait until next year.

I cannot believe Christmas will be here so soon!  I really should stop decorating and go out and finish my shopping.  I started well before Black Friday and am still not done.  You know, I have all the random side gifts to purchase yet. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

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We Temporarily Interrupt This Program…

Posted by Lisa on November 10th, 2011

We I temporarily interrupt the greatness that is the garage progress with something a little more domestic – Christmas time!!

It all started because i was a good wife and picked up some drop clothes at the dollar store.


Then I got to looking at the Christmas stuff.

Then I went to a few more stores and I came home with:
1. One white 4′ pre-lit Christmas tree
2. One 6′ slim Christmas tree
3. 36 shatterproof balls in pink, silver, and red.
4. 48 shatterproof balls in blue and silver.
5. 3 large silver bows for big gifts (like a car!!) (SUPER side note: I always wanted a car for Christmas and I always likes the Lexus commercials when families receive cars on Christmas day – it’s a little unrealistic though).
6. Pink beaded garland
7. 3 packs of battery operated lights

Not too much, but I already have a lot of Christmas decorations.

I told myself I wouldn’t get into the Christmas spirit until AFTER Thanksgiving but I couldn’t resist! It feels like Christmas started even earlier this year (like before Halloween). Anyone else agree?

While I was unpacking the bags I turned on my most favorite Christmas album – Neil Diamond!! In my personal opinion it isn’t Christmas until Neil Diamond sings ‘Joy to the World’.


This CD has two thumbs up in my book, but I needed the other thumb to take the picture.

So there you have it! Christmas has officially begun thanks to Neil Diamond!

… And back to our home projects – the garage walls are still being painted, and the ceiling can begin thanks to my drop cloths!


Anyone else love Neil Diamond? Or already start decorating for Christmas? How do you incorporate your Christmas tree with a turkey and pumpkins??

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