Our First Poll and Mums!

Posted by John on November 4th, 2011

So, yesterday on Twitter I promised our readers our first poll.  We’d like to add more interactivity and it’s a great way to get feedback on some of our projects and ideas.  Specifically, I said we’d be voting on a new catchphrase, with our current one being “building our home one project at a time.”  Ehhh.  Very appropriate phrase, but we’ve since seen it on a few blogs already and we wanted to come up with something more custom tailored for us.  But last night, when we sat down to review some of the options we I came up with, we realized they weren’t ready for prime time.  So, that particular poll will have to wait.

We do have a poll for you today though.  We need help picking our paint for our downstairs.  I’m not promising we’ll pick the paint that’s the most popular in our poll, but it will definitely help.  Leave a comment too if you have any constructive criticism.  Picking colors is hard!!!

To jog your memory, here are the paints…

From left to right, they are Accessible Beige, Practical Beige and Latte.

And here is our poll…

[poll id=”2″]

Oh, and here are some mums Lisa picked up and that crazy looking pumpkin!

Thanks for voting! 

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