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So, what will you get out of this blog?  

- Super detailed tutorials on how to design and build custom furniture including traditional built-in cabinets from scratch

- First hand accounts of carpentry, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, construction and craft projects designed to make you better DIYers

- Recommendations for power tools and accessories for your garage or workshop to make your DIY life easier

- Ideas on how to save big $$ by doing projects around the house yourself

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What’s the deal with Our Home from Scratch?

Our Home from Scratch is “More than Before and After.”  Started in 2011, the goal of this blog is to share our wealth of home improvement experience with our readers.  Featuring over 140 projects to date, the posts focus heavily on the process of DIY and not just a before and an after photo.  By sharing experiences and lessons learned (mistakes and triumphs), readers get a leg up on their home improvement experience.  It’s like having a knowledgeable friend you can chat with before you start a project.   Our Home from Scratch readers can expect to find answers to common remodeling questions like:   How do I remodel an older home? How do I know what to demo and what to keep?  Where do I get a window sill?  Do I buy one?  How do I mount a flat Screen TV on the wall and hide the cables?  How do I fix a hole in the wall?  On and on.   Posts from Our Home from Scratch have appeared on numerous other well-known home improvement and DIY sites like Bob Vila, Remodelaholic and One Project Closer.   Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest tips, tricks and links to posts delivered right to your inbox.

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Meet John and Lisa

Our Home from Scratch was started by John and Lisa in July of 2011 after they bought their second and current home.  John is a Mechanical Engineer and Lisa works in the health care industry.

John bought his first home in 2003, a 100 year old row-home in need of major TLC.  Learning as he went, the house was slowly transformed from a near total gut-job to a completely updated beauty.  Along the way, John learned how to save money by doing most of the repairs and improvements himself.  What he wasn’t able to do, he watched and learned from the contractors he hired so he wouldn’t have to hire them again.  Eventually, John was able to build the kitchen cabinets himself from scratch, not only getting a custom look, but saving thousands of dollars in the process.

After they were married, Lisa moved in and added that woman’s touch to John’s first home.  While Lisa isn’t into DIY as much as John, she helps prioritize the agenda and keeps the projects sensible and on budget.

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