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Coming Soon: A Custom TV Stand

Posted by on April 10th, 2013

Sorry if it seems like we’ve been blog slacking lately.  Things are busy with baby #2 almost here.  I suspect a media blackout for a few days is forthcoming.  I’m hoping to sneak an instagram pic or two of our newborn so stay tuned.  No promises though.  If you haven’t noticed, Lisa and I are sticklers about keeping our kids off of the internet so we won’t be posting about the delivery or anything.  Sorry.

The rest of the week I’m going to be wrapping up the trim on the built-in cabinets to make it look more “built-in” and less free-standing “cabinet.”  I’m planning a thorough How-to on adding crown molding to cabinetry, similar to what YHL just did with some variations in the process.  Since this is a slow week around here otherwise, I thought I’d reveal our next build project.  We’re going to be building a custom TV stand to match our built-in.

flat screen tv hiding power

I’ve been browsing Pinterest for a few ideas in terms of layout and came across a couple ideas.

tv standI like the look of the baseboard molding wrapping around the bottom, but to keep it similar to the built-in I’d skip the round cut outs.  We’re not sure if we’re going to have the electronics exposed or not.  We only have a Playstation in the sitting room, so it’s not like we need a ton of open shelving or anything.

white tv stand

We’re planning on keeping some DVDs for our daughter (and some first person shooter games for me) in there.

Just like with the built-in project, we’re going cover the entire build from start to finish.  This time however, I’m adding a twist.  I’m going to try to build the stand out of what material I have left over from the built-in.  Specifically, I have a good amount of plywood leftover and I don’t want to buy anymore.  I’ll need more poplar, but that’s not a big deal.  Plus it’s relatively cheap compared to the plywood.

So that’s what’s coming to a blog near you.  It won’t be as exciting as the Star Trek sequel, but I hope we’ll all get something out of it.

Any exciting projects on your horizon?  What summer movies are you looking forward to the most?  I’m looking forward to Star Trek 2, Superman and Iron Man 3.  No rom-coms. 


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