The Heat is On

Posted by John on November 9th, 2011

This week we faced a critical juncture in our garage spruce up project.  We’re ready to paint, but our schedule hasn’t afforded us the free time during the warm hours of the day.  It’s been too cold lately.  You can’t paint below 50 F.  During the week, I’m only able to paint after work or I’ll have to wait until the weekend!!  We have way too much on our project plate to shelve all the garage work at this point, plus I dropped all the wiring from the garage door opener and I don’t feel like re-attaching it until the paint is on.  Arggghhh.

So we came up with a solution for me to paint after work despite the low temps…

Meet Mr. Heater. He’s moving into our garage for good and he’s bringing all 18,000 BTUs with him. He runs on little propane cans and can even hook up to your 20 lb LP grill tank. The best part about this little guy is he’s safe to run indoors or out.  I don’t have worry about Carbon Monoxide filling my work space because it burns fuel lean.  It’s going to be perfect for this project and for any winter time car work.  Ever try changing oil in February?  No, well it’s no fun.


I bought it at Lowes, also where I got this photo.  After about an hour of it running on high, I had to turn it back down to medium and take off my coat.

Plenty of heat for me to roll on some paint.

These are the fuel cans.  You can buy a 4 pack for about $12

The walls already look a lot better! But, I’m not going to enjoy painting this ceiling. Gonna definitely need a hat. Thinking of rigging up a poor man’s scaffolding too.

So we’re back in business!! We should be wrapping up this paint by the end of the week.  Then it’s on to garage organization and rewiring the opener with longer wires.  Anyone else overcoming thermal difficulties?

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